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Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers HC Dave Canales' ambition

Dave Canales was seen as a head coach who got the job too soon. But after the Carolina Panthers were too late on Frank Reich and missed the boat entirely with Matt Rhule, a shift in approach was an absolute necessity.

It's clear Canales spent a lot of time around Pete Carroll. You can hear it in his mannerisms. You can feel it with the passion and energy he speaks about the game of football. While it was just one press conference, it was hard not to be impressed by his philosophy and the way he plans to go about his business as head coach.

Taking things one day at a time is a big part of Canales' approach based on his presser comments via He's not worried about what might be missing. He's more interested in maximizing the resources available and establishing a collective culture that enables everyone to flourish.

"I don't care about what we can't do -- what can we do? Who are these players that we have, and how are we going to maximize those strengths on a daily basis? We're looking for championship moments, championship days, and that's got to be a full-on commitment every single time we walk in here. For me, it's about building that culture, building our language, making sure we're using specific language -- there's going to be a bunch of buzz words being thrown around -- I don't like synonyms. We all speak the same language and we're heading in the same direction with that alignment that we talk about. I'm so excited to create that culture."

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Canales is vibrant, full of life, and also comes with outstanding credentials. He's exactly what the Panthers need right now.