Panthers news: Dave Canales, OC interviews, Bryce Young and departures

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Former Carolina Panthers player lauds Dave Canales

Dave Canales' previous success in helping Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield resurrect their careers was a big part of why the Carolina Panthers made him their new head coach. His previous working relationship with Dan Morgan also helped, but the jury is still out as to whether or not he can successfully lead an NFL organization from the top coaching spot.

Former Panthers player Gerald McCoy has high hopes for Canales based on comments via Sports Illustrated. The defensive lineman turned analyst believes his ability to adjust and keep pushing forward in the face of adversity - together with his renowned quarterback whispering - should stand the progressive figure in good stead as he looks to turn the franchise around.

"When he came (to Tampa), nobody knew what was going to happen. We got a guy (Baker Mayfield) that people were saying his career might be over, this is his last chance and Baker came in and he said, 'I've been injured, but I'm healthy now and I'm going to show everybody what I can do.' He's a finalist for Comeback Player of the Year. I think he (Canales) came into a situation that was unknown and he made the best of it. He turned that offense around. It got stagnant at some times throughout the year, but he made the best of it. I think it's the right hire - he earned it. I'm excited to see what happens…not against the Bucs, but I think it's a great hire. With the situation that he was put into, the unknown, and with Baker playing as great as he did..coaching is a big part of that. We don't know how Baker would have played without Canales."

Gerald McCoy via Sports Illustrated

Canales has made a tremendous first impression. It'll take much more than that, but there is cautious optimism surrounding the hire now that the initial shock has worn off.