Panthers news: David Tepper, Bryce Young, Jonathan Mingo and weak statements

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David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers owners David Tepper fined

As if this season wasn't embarrassing enough for the Carolina Panthers. Team owner David Tepper brought further disgrace on the franchise he's seemingly intent on ruining by throwing his drink in the direction of Jacksonville Jaguars fans after their shutout loss in Week 17.

Almost two days later, we finally heard from somebody regarding the matter. This was the NFL's big chance to rein in Tepper. Instead, they issued a measly $300,000 fine with no game suspension. There was also a brief statement issued by the league via USA Today Sports.

"The National Football League today fined Carolina Panthers’ chairman David Tepper $300,000 for his unacceptable conduct in Jacksonville during Sunday’s game. All NFL personnel are expected to conduct themselves at all times in ways that respect our fans and favorably reflect on their team and the NFL."

NFL statement via USA Today Sports

This brought bemusement and ridicule from fans and analysts in the decision's immediate aftermath. For context, fining someone $300,000 with Tepper's wealth is akin to a person worth $100,000 getting $1.50 taken off them.

Whether this will be enough for Tepper to alter his demeanor and attitude is debatable. He's shown his true colors on countless occasions throughout his disastrous ownership. Getting a minor slap on the wrist for such a pathetic act of petulance sets a dangerous precedent.