Panthers news: David Tepper, Cam Newton, Pro Bowlers and Bryce Young

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Cam Newton doubles down on Carolina Panthers role

Many thought Cam Newton's desire to join the Carolina Panthers front office was a tongue-in-cheek remark designed to generate media attention. That worked - as it always seems to do where the former quarterback is concerned - but the 2015 NFL MVP doubled down on this desire in the aftermath of team owner David Tepper's latest embarrassing incident.

On the latest edition of his 4th-and-1 podcast, Newton gave another speech to throw his hat into the ring in pursuit of getting an opportunity behind the scenes via Sportskeeda. The popular and polarizing figure also claimed what occurred on Sunday and the PR disaster that immediately followed wouldn't have happened on his watch.

"Fellow Americans. I take the stand here. As humbled as I know how. A couple of weeks ago I have made a remark and I'm standing on it. Stomping on it. And if this wasn't a perfect example of Cam Newton's presence in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a Presidential role, I don't know. If I'm given the opportunity to represent the beautiful states of North and South Carolina, situations like this would not and I mean will not happen not on my watch… This is something that could have been avoided, and it should have been avoided. But the point is: David Tepper, you got caught bro."

Cam Newton via Sportskeeda

This is a slam dunk for the Panthers, especially given how the franchise is currently being perceived around the league thanks to Tepper's petulance and incompetence. It's an exciting thought, but it would be a surprise if the billionaire made this move considering his desire to surround himself with people who pander to his ego.

Something Newton would not do under any circumstances.