Panthers news: Diontae Johnson, Bryce Young, RB target and Jadeveon Clowney

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Mike Tomlin on Diontae Johnson trade

Diontae Johnson was acquired by the Carolina Panthers via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The compensation makes this a low-risk addition considering his career production. Things ended sourly with his previous employers, with rumors of locker room disruptions and diva-like behavior not sitting well with head coach Mike Tomlin before the wide receiver was deemed surplus to requirements.

Johnson gets the chance to silence some doubters and give quarterback Bryce Young a helping hand along the way. It cost the Panthers nothing more than a late-round pick swap and veteran cornerback Donte Jackson, who was set to be released as part of the team's cost-cutting measures in any case.

When discussing the trade, Steelers head coach Tomlin highlighted that they'd done a ton of homework on Jackson based on comments via Brooke Pryor of ESPN. He also felt this was a win-win for all parties involved.

"We traded player for player, we had an opportunity to get [CB Donte Jackson]. He's is a guy that we've evaluated probably several times since he's been in the league. … [The Panthers] needed Diontae, we needed D Jack. It was a good exchange."

Mike Tomlin via X

If it doesn't work out, then the Panthers can move off Johnson once his contract expires in 2025. However, his ability to create separation through exceptional route-running represents a huge upgrade on anything Carolina has currently aside from Adam Thielen.