Panthers News: Donte Jackson, Austin Corbett, Bryce Young and trade talk

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Austin Corbett
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Carolina Panthers trade talk

The prospect of trades before the October 31 deadline continues to be a hot topic of discussion among fans. While the Carolina Panthers are clearly looking to recoup some draft capital by selling off established stars, some sections of the fanbase are also clamoring for the organization to go bold in pursuit of getting quarterback Bryce Young another weapon to aid his development.

This was a situation discussed by team writer Darin Gantt in his weekly mailbag. He freely admitted there is a desire to get Young additional assistance, but some things are more realistic than others then push comes to shove - especially given the Panthers are 0-6 and going nowhere fast.

"There's always a lot more talk than action, which is kind of a shame. If the NFL could match the NBA's sense of drama at the trade deadline, we'd all get less sleep. But it's a lot harder to plug one of 22 into a lineup and make an immediate difference than it is one of five. In general, the desire to find a top target for Bryce Young is real. And while they don't have a first-round pick next year to find one, they do have a pretty good pile of available money next year. And, of course, GM Scott Fitterer remains the "in on every deal" guy, and there's a week until the deadline. So many things are possible, some more likely than others."

Darin Gantt,

Pressure is increasing on general manager Scott Fitterer now he cannot hide behind Matt Rhule. Blowing things up entirely doesn't seem like a sensible move to maximize having a rookie quarterback on a team-friendly deal, but it would be surprising if one or two weren't disposed of for additional draft resources.

Time will tell, I guess.