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Bryce Young
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Derrick Brown's evolution

Extending defensive lineman Derrick Brown was something the Carolina Panthers managed to sort out quickly and with conviction. This was a far cry from how top stars were treated under previous regimes. Perhaps this was the statement Dan Morgan wanted to ensure everyone associated with the franchise knew things were going to be done differently from now on.

Brown's evolution into one of the league's best young players at the position became complete last season. This was a sentiment echoed by defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, who stated via the team's website that the former first-round pick's fierce desire to be better can spearhead the Panthers to long-term prosperity after those in power tied him down long-term.

"I think the message for Derrick is that Derrick is that great guy, and great guys who are talented players who work hard and do things the right way get rewarded. And that's exactly what happened. When I think about going back to this time last year when we first got with Derrick, the development that he's had as a player and as a person.

"You know, it's really interesting. I was in a defensive line meeting room with coach (Todd) Wash and the D-linemen and Derrick is in there. And Wash will ask him a question about a technique and Derrick is in there coaching it up. And it's just amazing to see the growth that this young man has had. Obviously, the tape in the film and the production speaks for itself, but really, really happy for him, and he's obviously earned that extension."

The Auburn product knows the responsibility attached to such a mammoth financial commitment. He's emerged as a quiet, respected leader within the locker room. As all-around Brown changes once again this offseason, having the same coaching staff in place should be a source of comfort and continuity as the player looks to build on his record-breaking campaign in 2023.

If Brown takes another leap forward, a potential All-Pro-caliber year won't be too far behind.