Panthers News: Failed trades, David Tepper, Bryce Young and Frank Reich

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's calmness

Losing on primetime - to undrafted free-agent quarterback Tyson Bagent and the Chicago Bears - was a small microcosm of how things have gone for the Carolina Panthers in 2023. Big things were promised by those in positions of power, but they were delusions of grandeur and a complete misjudgment of personnel capabilities.

This can be placed squarely on the offensive failings. Carolina's defense and special teams are more than holding their own, it's on offense where the major complications are arising.

Things haven't got any better with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown calling plays. The scheme is disjointed and lacking inspiration, but head coach Frank Reich isn't pressing the panic button just yet based on comments via Carolina's website.

"Obviously, as the head coach, as I said earlier, I've got to look at everything I do. I understand, though, as a longtime play-caller myself, that when things aren't going well, it's really, really easy to point the finger at play-calling. So, I don't want to overreact to that. I'm going to continue to evaluate everything and do what we think is best for the team. But like I said, because of my experience calling it, I understand how much responsibility and how the finger gets pointed when it's, it's usually several factors. I'm not saying it's not important. It is important, and it does factor. But I just don't want to jump to any quick conclusions."

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The scheme is the scheme at this point. The weapons are also the weapons. The offensive line is the offensive line.

And Bryce Young is being failed as a result.