Panthers News: Failed trades, David Tepper, Bryce Young and Frank Reich

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's development

Bryce Young is an easy target for criticism right now. While the No. 1 overall selection would be the first to admit his performance levels need to improve, this is a terrible environment for any inexperienced quarterback. A far cry from how things were perceived before a competitive down was played.

The offensive line stinks. The offensive scheme stinks. There is no reliable running attack. The skill position players are abysmal aside from Adam Thielen.

Yes, Young should be playing with more consistency. But the Carolina Panthers are failing their prized possession.

This was a sentiment echoed by Kirk Herbstreit, who was in the booth to call Carolina's latest capitulation on Thursday Night Football. The analyst remains a believer in the Alabama product, but he also acknowledged that the Panthers don't have the personnel for their scheme demands based on comments via The Spun.

"The Panthers don't have the personnel to run the kind of offense that they wanna run with Bryce Young… I'm a believer in him and we need to pump the brakes."

Kirk Herbstreit via The Spun

Fans are directing their anger at David Tepper and the front office rather than placing too much blame on Young's shoulders. Not many quarterbacks would make a success of this situation - one that's being made much worse by C.J. Stroud's immediate rise to prominence with the Houston Texans.

Next up for Young? A date with the dominant Dallas Cowboys defense.