Panthers News: Frank Reich, Andy Dalton, Adam Thielen and more injuries

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Carolina Panthers QB Andy Dalton's assessment

Andy Dalton wasn't walking into the easiest situation in Week 3. The Carolina Panthers were counting on the veteran quarterback to produce the goods with Bryce Young out with an ankle issue, but his experience in high-pressure settings led to a pretty decent performance overall despite not coming out on top.

Dalton had the offense cooking, played efficient football, and took shots downfield when required. He passed the ball for a career-high 58 attempts, which the signal-caller stated was a lack of balance that caused their downfall based on his comments via Carolina's website.

"It's hard to play when you're one-dimensional. And I feel like that's what we did today. We really couldn't get the run game going. And I think part of the stuff too is some of those penalties and different things that set you back, and now you feel like you have to throw the ball. So there are some things that I'm going to look back on and things that I wish I could have done a little bit better in the pass game. But like I said, when you're one-dimensional, it makes it tough."

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The former second-round selection can hold his head high, but he'll likely be relegated to the bench once again if Young is ready to rock against the Minnesota Vikings. However, judging by this performance, one couldn't dismiss the possibility of another team such as the New York Jets calling for a potential trade to solve their woes under center.