Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, penalties and hot seats

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's faith

It was another torrid afternoon at the office for Bryce Young. The quarterback was under constant duress, threw another pick-six, and looked devoid of any confidence within an offensive scheme that looked no different whatsoever with head coach Frank Reich calling the shots once again.

In truth, the Panthers should have taken Young out long before they intended to. There was a real danger of the signal-caller getting hurt behind a porous offensive line and the regression in the signal-caller's production represents the most damning indictment of all where Carolina's coaching staff is concerned.

The damage being done to Young long-term is borderline irreparable. But the former Alabama star is relying on his faith to get through tough times based on comments via Carolina's website.

"I don't expect anything, good or bad. I'm well aware; I believe God guides my life. You know, the big picture is that what happens is out of my control, and I trust God through everything. So, I lean on my faith, I lean on my teammates, lean on the coaching staff. And yeah, of course, it's not ideal. It's tough, it's hard. But it's for a reason. What that reason is, that's not for me to know, not for me to dwell on."

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Young should be in survival mode until further notice. This season is a lost cause - it's all about minimizing any risk that this could have a ripple effect on his aspirations beyond the current campaign.