Panthers News: Frank Reich, Bryce Young, Thomas Brown and Week 9 upset

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown's mindset

There is a different mood around the Carolina Panthers this week. It's amazing what a win does, but what's vital moving forward is building on this newfound confidence in the hope of salvaging some semblance of respectability from the campaign.

One of the biggest positives to emerge from Sunday's win was the play-calling improvements. Thomas Brown got the reins from Frank Reich and the execution differences were notable. It also allowed the head coach to manage the game much better without having to strictly focus on the offensive side of things.

When discussing how he felt things unfolded, Brown stated via the team's website that winning was all that mattered. And there is always room for growth when it's all said and done.

"We won; that's the most important thing I was focused on. That's our overall goal, week in and week out. I'm super critical of everything that I do every single day, which there's some good and bad with that. … I've spent more time focusing on how I can be better, how to improve, than anything that went well. The goal is always focused on how can I put this team, this offense, these players in the best spot to make plays for us."

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Brown has a certain swagger that players naturally gravitate towards. It's also clear Reich adores him, so hopefully this is the start of profitable fortunes over the next 10 games.