Panthers News: Frank Reich, David Tepper, Ben Johnson and Greg Olsen

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Ben Johnson
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Frank Reich's disappointment

Frank Reich cut a forlorn figure during his time as Carolina Panthers head coach. Things turned sour pretty quickly and after taking back play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown brought no improvements, it seemed inevitable that David Tepper would pull the plug on this experiment ahead of time.

Speaking exclusively to Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer after the news became public knowledge, Reich was obviously filled with disappointment. The experienced figure also acknowledged that might be the end of his long association with the NFL as a player and coach.

"There’s a heart-pounding disappointment in not hitting the marks that we needed to hit to keep this going and try to get it turned around. It hurts me for the guys, the team, the coaches and the fans. I want to convey that I have nothing but positive thoughts about Mr. Tepper. On a personal level, I saw a side of him that I deeply respect and care about. But the NFL is a meritocracy. It’s not unconditional love. It was a great opportunity. The way the doors opened up for it was amazing. But there’s not always a storybook ending…. I also take comfort and find peace and strength that there is a next chapter of my life. I do believe that. I do believe God ordains our steps. This is probably the final chapter of my NFL journey."

Frank Reich via Charlotte Observer

Reich is a stand-up guy and nobody should wish him anything but the best moving forward. However, having good intentions and implementing a plan for progress are two different things.

It seemed as if the game passed Reich by, especially on offense. Rumors of wanting C.J. Stroud before Tepper got involved are moot - the Panthers vastly underachieved under his leadership and he paid the price accordingly.