Panthers News: Frank Reich, Jaycee Horn, Bryce Young and transactions

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich's omission

The Carolina Panthers just couldn't get anything going offensively in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons. There was no consistent separation secured by the wide receivers and although Bryce Young was well protected by the offensive line, turnovers and timing issues reared their head throughout the contest.

Young threw two picks - both to veteran safety Jessie Bates III. But when discussing the mistakes, head coach Frank Reich stated via USA Today Sports that the first error in judgment was largely his fault.

"I will say on the turnover—yesterday I mentioned to you guys it’s not always what you appear like. On the first interception, I put a lot of that interception on me. We got in a bad position. We got the OPI called, and then so we’re backed up. And then we get a delay of game call. And that delay of game was 100 percent on me. I had a miscommunication with Bryce. That miscommunication was 100 percent on me and it caused the delay of game. So, puts us even more backed up and put us in a bad position. So that one’s on me."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

It's refreshing to see a head coach holding himself accountable in Carolina rather than throwing his players under the bus. Reich's play-calling came in for criticism among sections of the fanbase, but it's also worth remembering this is just one game and everything is still relatively new in terms of schematics, coaching, and across the playing staff.

Reich and the Panthers will get better as the campaign goes on. But improvements are needed quickly with the New Orleans Saints and the national spotlight coming to town on Monday night.