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How Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can improve

As previously stated, Bryce Young's competitive NFL debut went differently than planned. The Carolina Panthers mustered just 10 points at the Atlanta Falcons, with the quarterback throwing two interceptions and failing to generate any momentum behind a decent offensive line.

It's easy to overreact, but it's only one game. Upon examining the film, head coach Frank Reich stated via the team's website that the former Alabama star did a lot of nice things, although there is a need to improve certain decision-making aspects moving forward.

"I think he probably had three or four throwaways where he's not taking sacks – you know, we call the play, it wasn't there in the time it should be there, and he got rid of the football and threw it away. I thought that, over the long haul, that's going to help us as a team. It's going to help us stay in phase, and not take sacks; it's going to help him stay healthy. I thought he did a great job with that, and I thought he threw the ball accurately. We had the two interceptions, the one I don't put on him at all, the second was kind of a couple of different factors. Sure, can we all get better? Can I get better? Yeah, we can all get better. But I thought, overall, he played solid football."

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Young freely admitted that he needs to be more consistent in his distribution. It doesn't help that his wide receivers couldn't get open consistently, but the signal-caller carries the can and he'll find that out to his cost if things continue in this manner over the season.

Again, it's way too early to be pressing the panic button. Young has the intangibles to improve drastically and once the nerves settle down, the numbers should follow.