Panthers News: Frank Reich, Matt Corral, new additions and roster cuts

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Matt Corral
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Carolina Panthers looking to fix mistakes

Although the Carolina Panthers couldn't muster enough to finish their preseason on a high against the Detroit Lions, there was a lot to like about how the first-team offense performed during their limited sample size. Rookie quarterback Bryce Young got the football downfield with ruthless efficiency, scoring 10 points on his two drives and also throwing the first touchdown pass of his professional career to Adam Thielen.

It wasn't perfect by any stretch. Mistakes were made, but head coach Frank Reich preached the importance of keeping these to a minimum when the real action arrives via Sports Illustrated. And when they do happen, bouncing back immediately is of critical importance.

"Just got to eliminate. We can’t beat ourselves so we have to eliminate mistakes. We had a penalty in the one drive. We had a 2nd and 4 and went back to 2nd and 9 but I think that was it and it didn’t stop the drive. I don’t think that penalty stopped the drive. But no doubt, in this game, we understand you can’t beat yourself. We have to minimize those mistakes. They are going to happen. So, when they do happen, you have to show that you can overcome them. We did do a better job early on in the game of avoiding some of those small mistakes."

Frank Reich via Sports Illustrated

No team is going to go through any game without an error here or there. That's human nature - but the magnitude of these mistakes and their repercussions are what separates the contending teams from the also-rans.

Which side of the fence will Reich and the Panthers be on in 2023? Time will tell.