Panthers News: Frank Reich, Thomas Davis, Donte Jackson and Bryce Young

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines with the team's early offseason workout schedule now in the rearview mirror?

Frank Reich and Bryce Young
Frank Reich and Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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After an eventful few weeks for all associated with the Carolina Panthers, it's time for players and staff to reflect, assess, and prepare for what's to come. The next big offseason date is training camp, which is sure to separate the men from the boys in the unrivaled heat of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

It's a busy time for headlines and hot takes, too. Among the stories causing waves recently include Donte Jackson on the changing atmosphere within the building, Thomas Davis Sr. delivering a thought-provoking message after practice, Frank Reich's high expectations, and Bryce Young reflecting on a whirlwind six weeks.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers CB Donte Jackson on change

One would be hard-pressed not to notice a great change in the atmosphere across the Carolina Panthers under Frank Reich's new regime. There is a new level of focus, determination, and vibrancy about the way everyone is going about their business - something that can hopefully come through onto the field in a competitive setting during the 2023 campaign.

There will be difficult times and this is a gradual process to potential contention. But the shift in purpose and camaraderie hasn't gone unnoticed by veteran cornerback Donte Jackson based on his comments via Augusta Stone from the team's website.

"Guys just actually want to be around each other. It's hard, when you've got a team full of guys during OTAs, to get everybody to just want to be around each other because the schedule is shorter, guys are doing stuff outside of the building. But this team this year has been different. Guys are just wanting to come in, even on like off days, even days when we get out early. Guys are staying after, just building and sitting in the locker room talking. Just kind of building the stuff that's going to be important come November and December, you know that you get all that right now."

Donte Jackson via

This is the third permanent coaching staff Jackson's worked under since entering the league as a second-round selection out of LSU. So these comments about such big differences hold plenty of weight as he looks to make a successful return from a torn Achilles at Wofford College.