Panthers News: Hot seats, Bryce Young, injuries and Week 10 prediction

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Carolina Panthers trade for Bryce Young revisited

This week's topic has centered on rookie quarterback Bryce Young once again. The Carolina Panthers made their trade with the Chicago Bears - tonight's opponents on Thursday Night Football - for the No. 1 overall pick, which is coming under scrutiny after the worst performance of his fledgling NFL career by a considerable margin.

People are already declaring Carolina should have gone in a different direction. This has a lot to do with C.J. Stroud's exceptional campaign up to now, but the two situations are vastly different in terms of schematics, execution, and overall talent.

Still, that's not stopping analysts from revisiting the trade. Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports was one, giving the Panthers a revised C- grade, although he conceded it was far too early to be writing off Young just yet.

"The Panthers traded up to No. 1 to get their franchise quarterback. While it's way too early to judge Bryce Young, Carolina did have the opportunity to select C.J. Stroud with the pick -- and make this trade significantly better. Young is averaging 5.5 yards per attempt this season (the fewest in the NFL, and the fewest by any No. 1 rookie quarterback with 250-plus attempts in the common draft era). Plenty of No. 1 overall picks struggled in Year 1 (Troy Aikman, Eli Manning, Jared Goff, Trevor Lawrence), so it's hard to write off Young at this point. The swing was worth it for the Panthers, even if the execution was poor."

Jeff Kerr, CBS Sports

Looking at the current state of affairs in Carolina, this is something Young will have to cope with for a good while. But make no mistake, the Panthers must do more to help their prized possession moving forward to avoid this situation becoming a greater concern.