Panthers News: Hunger Games, Hayden Hurst, Bryce Young and training camp

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines as fresh revelations emerge surrounding the dysfunction enveloping the franchise?

The Carolina Panthers cannot seem to find a sense of normality for a single day. It's been one of the most turbulent seasons in franchise history up to now, which is saying something when one considers the constant underachievement, bad environment, and suspect decisions since team owner David Tepper took charge.

Of course, there is also a football game this week - another divisional road clash against the New Orleans Saints. Among the stories causing debate beforehand include a workplace resembling the Hunger Games, Bryce Young's durability, Scott Fitterer's influence, and the Panthers moving their training camp from Wofford College.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers move training camp

The Carolina Panthers going down to Wofford College for training camp is a long-standing tradition. This was previous owner and founder Jerry Richardson's alma mater, but the team's association with the site has officially come to an end.

An announcement - which had strange timing attached in the wake of Joe Person and Dianna Russini's scathing article - stated the Panthers will hold their training camp in Charlotte next summer. This was widely criticized - especially by the fans from South Carolina - who feel alienated despite the supposed two states, one team ethos.

Fan Fest will be held at an unnamed South Carolina venue to keep up the illusion if nothing else. The Panthers also confirmed that the practice facility dome will be replaced by three full-length football fields as David Tepper strengthens his bond with the city ahead of potentially asking for public funds regarding stadium upgrades.

It's short-sighted and almost spiteful from Tepper's point of view. It's also alienated an entire state judging by the reaction on social media.