Panthers News: Jaycee Horn, Frank Reich, Thomas Brown and Scott Fitterer

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Jaycee Horn
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Carolina Panthers' power struggle on offense

After Frank Reich handed over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, it was universally well-received by fans and analysts alike. However, just three games into this transition, there are signs of another switch.

During his media availability on Monday, the head coach was once again reluctant to name who'd be calling plays. While the offense is what it is at this point, the fact another change is being contemplated entering Week 11 represents a damning indictment of the current state of affairs within the Carolina Panthers.

Reich stated via Pro Football Talk that they are still thinking things through. But if the figurehead feels like resuming charge of offensive responsibilities will provide a spark, he'll pull the trigger.

"I’m really just thinking the whole thing through. First of all, however we’ve done the play calling, who’s ever been doing the play calling, we haven’t performed as an offense. So, let me just make that point clear. First of all, as I look towards the last half of the season now, what’s the best dynamic? And why any decision that’s ultimately made is just going to be based on that one pure factor. So that’s how we’ll approach it."

Frank Reich via Pro Football Talk

This whole situation is a mess. The Panthers are trying to deploy an offensive scheme not fit for the current personnel, which is also harming quarterback Bryce Young's early development along the way.

No matter who is calling plays, nothing much will alter this weekend versus a Dallas Cowboys defense renowned for preying on the weak.