Panthers News: Jaycee Horn, Johnny Hekker, Sam Franklin and Bryce Young

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Johnny Hekker lauds Carolina Panthers staff

After some heavy investment in the coaching infrastructure under Frank Reich, the Carolina Panthers have arguably the league's best all-around staff. Something that couldn't be further away from the previous regime.

This has been brought up by several players throughout the offseason - many of whom are getting their first taste of legitimate NFL coaching. While Johnny Hekker doesn't fall into this particular category, the punter gave a telling account of how better things are with Reich and his all-star staff leading the charge during an appearance on 104.9 Fox Sports Upstate via USA Today Sports.

"There’s no guessing going on. You know the information that you’re getting is vetted, tested, coming from reliable sources. I mean, really generational coaching lines have started with some of the coaches on our staff, and there are some that are up-and-comers from other coaching trees that are on staff, too. “So I think that, really no matter what way you look at it, players aren’t guessing, ‘Does this coach really know what he’s talkin’ about and does he really have my best interests in mind?'"

Johnny Hekker via USA Today Sports

While it's easy to critique the old regime in Carolina, most of it is more than warranted. Everyone is moving forward positively and for the Panthers, hope has been restored after one of the most productive offseasons in franchise history.

And the less said about Matt Rhule's clown show from now on, the better.