Panthers News: Jeremy Chinn, Adam Thielen, Miles Sanders and selling assets

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Adam Thielen
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Trade scenario touted for Carolina Panthers WR Adam Thielen

The Carolina Panthers don't have enough prolific pass catchers right now. That's playing a significant role in their offensive failings, but there is one shining light amid the turmoil.

Adam Thielen has been a revelation since joining from the Minnesota Vikings in free agency. The veteran wide receiver is putting up Pro Bowl-caliber numbers and although the Panthers are relying on him too much, it's a necessary evil given the failings elsewhere.

Thielen's route-running remains among the league's best and his chemistry with Bryce Young is right where it needs to be. This means he's indispensable to the signal-caller's development currently, but that didn't stop Cory Woodroof of USA Today Sports from touting a potential trade for the wideout before the deadline.

Woodroof outlined that if he was part of the Baltimore Ravens set-up, he would call Carolina to see what it might take to land Thielen. Especially considering the need to surround Lamar Jackson with dependable weapons en route to a potential deep playoff run.

"Thielen might not be as explosive as he used to be, but he’s coming off a 107-yard, one-touchdown performance against a good Detroit Lions team. The Panthers are 0-6, and they need to start thinking about what the future of this offense is going to look like. Keeping around a veteran like Thielen doesn’t make much sense in that equation. If you’re Baltimore, you call Carolina and offer, say, a young receiver in Rashod Bateman and a low-round pick for Thielen. The Panthers get a young receiver who could use a change of scenery to pair with Young, and Thielen gets to go to a contender that could use his veteran savvy."

Cory Woodroof, USA Today Sports

This should be a non-starter. Thielen is too important to the Panthers and if he was to leave through trade or injury, there's just no telling how poor this passing attack would look.