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Justin Houston
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Shy Tuttle on Carolina Panthers DL

The Carolina Panthers needed to solidify the defensive front given their pending transition to a 3-4 base scheme under Ejiro Evero. This came with adjustment from those already around and acquiring the experienced reinforcements with the athletic profile needed to ensure this shift in ethos goes off without a hitch.

Shy Tuttle fits the mold and then some after making a big splash following his free-agent switch from the New Orleans Saints. Many expected the signing to slot in at nose tackle, but Marquan McCall's exceptional emergence throughout the offseason indicates that he could occupy a 3-4 defensive end role opposite Derrick Brown, instead.

When asked about the mood within the defensive line room currently, Tuttle lifted the lid on its vibrant nature via USA Today Sports. The former Tennessee star also revealed that Brown is the biggest trash talker and is always on his case.

"One word?!? We can’t be described off one word. Funny, maybe? Yeah, let’s say funny. Derrick Brown is probably the biggest [expletive] talker amongst the D-line,” he said, perhaps regrettably. “I wasn’t allowed to say that word? I can’t come in the meeting room without him talking about me. Like, it’s crazy. And you guys, ‘Derrick is so quiet.’ I’m like, ‘No, he’s not.' He calls me fat, every day. Every day he see me, he calls me fat. He weigh more than me, that’s the thing."

Shy Tuttle via USA Today Sports

Having such a positive atmosphere in this critical area of play is only going to translate well onto the field. Strong bonds are being built quickly, which only increases the optimism about Tuttle's chances of becoming influential in 2023.