Panthers News: Justin Houston, Bryce Young, Shy Tuttle and Kobe Jones

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Kobe Jones wants Carolina Panthers roster spot

Even though the Carolina Panthers bolstered their edge rushing options with the signing of Justin Houston, those in power still need to make some important decisions further down the depth chart. Much will depend on how many 3-4 outside linebackers they take through onto the 53-man roster, but a couple of unheralded individuals are staking a strong claim for involvement heading into the final week of camp.

Kobe Jones is one that's drawing widespread praise for his performance levels, even seeing some time with the first sting and not looking out of place whatsoever. Whether it's enough to make the team remains to be seen, but the former Mississippi State standout stated via Carolina's website that he's drawing on coaches' advice and his high energy to attain an unlikely place on the 53.

"I feel like that really displayed my ability to be a presence in the run game also. A lot of people (are) emphasizing the pass rush, but I really want to make it known that I'm a presence in the run game too. That was one of the emphasis (areas) that the coaches wanted to see, so I was just happy to put it on film. None of us look at it as competition within each other, but more so within ourselves. We're all just really competing to be the best us, and of course, those other talented guys beside us are pushing us to another degree to get that done. I definitely feel like I come alive when the pads come on. It's just another component of that intensity that adds up. People just craving contact – and a lot of people don't do that – so I feel like that gives you an edge automatically."

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Houston's arrival makes it more difficult for fringe players like Jones and Eku Leota. However, there is no sentiment toward more established players under this regime, so nothing can be ruled out one way or another.