Panthers news: Luke Kuechly, Julius Peppers, apologies and analytics

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Luke Kuechly
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Carolina Panthers' collective approach

The complete dysfunction surrounding the Carolina Panthers last season - and for most of David Tepper's ownership - turned the organization into a bottom-feeder. It was a disgrace on and off the field more often than not. Something fans hope can become a thing of the past under Dan Morgan and Dave Canales.

One of their biggest priorities will be putting the correct pieces around quarterback Bryce Young. Establishing the right culture would also help greatly. This is something Luke Kuechly believes can be accomplished through their newfound collective vision based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"What I do know about Bryce [Young] and what I do know about Carolina is that we’ve got a common goal now. Dan [Morgan] came in at the same time—obviously, we hired him as the GM. We hired Dave Canales at the same time. They spent a lot of time in Seattle together. There’s a vision that these guys believe in. There’s a vision of what they want to do. And Bryce has a guy that’s—over the past couple of years, whether it’s Geno [Smith], whether it’s been Russ [Wilson], whether it was Baker [Mayfield] last year in Tampa—that he’s gotten the most out of these guys."

Luke Kuechly via USA Today Sports

Being the butt of the joke might not be the case for much longer. Canales is taking receipts. He plans to have everyone laughing on the other side of the face sooner rather than later. This also includes turning Young into the quarterback everyone projected coming out of Alabama.