Panthers News: Matt Corral, Frank Reich, Bryce Young and waiver claims

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Matt Corral
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Frank Reich on Carolina Panthers roster

As previously stated, it's been a tough few days for those in positions of power around the league. Making cuts down to the initial 53-man rosters and the subsequent releases depending on their waiver wire success left hundreds facing uncertain futures, although many were brought back onto practice squads and might be involved if injury strikes.

The Carolina Panthers have been more active than most when it comes to wheeling and dealing this summer. There's been a purge of players drafted by Matt Rhule outside of those at the top end, which is a damning indictment of the true power balance when the incompetent former head coach called the shots.

There were a few surprises, for sure. But as head coach Frank Reich stated via the team's website, this is all done with the Panthers' best interests at heart.

"Obviously a lot of work done in the last two days. As we've said a couple of times, (it's) a tough time of the year. Excited about the team we're putting together, still a little bit of work left to do but I'm sure we'll see some of these guys back. Everybody understands that the sole motivation is to do what's best for the team. We're trying to get as many players on the roster and in that locker room – on the 53 and on the practice squad – as we can (to) help us win this year. Those are tough decisions."

Frank Reich via

Hopefully, there is the right blend of youthful exuberance and experience needed to make improvements in 2023. Otherwise, questions will be asked about the choices made.