Panthers News: Miles Sanders, Adam Thielen, WR trade and Week 4 odds

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Adam Thielen
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Carolina Panthers WR Adam Thielen's day of reckoning

This afternoon promises to be an emotional one for Adam Thielen. The wide receiver will see plenty of familiar faces as he goes against the team he became an integral part of for nine years before his release, which saw the former undrafted free agent resch two Pro Bowls and emerge as one of the league's smoothest route runners for good measure.

The Minnesota Vikings decided to go younger with first-round pick Jordan Addison, which is fine. But Thielen freely admitted via Sports Illustrated that although it'll be a weird situation, the receiver has had this date marked on his calendar from the moment Carolina's schedule was announced.

"I've been thinking about that since the schedule came out. Was I excited that I get to play against Minnesota? Yeah, but I'm just trying to treat it like another football game. I'm going to take advantage of pregame to be able to go and say what's up to everybody throughout the organization. Shoot, I was there for ten years, so a lot of relationships that I've built that are strong relationships. I'm excited to go and see those people say hello, thank them, and tell them how much I appreciate them."

Adam Thielen via Sports Illustrated

Thielen is the team's most consistent pass-catcher and will be integral to Bryce Young's success in Week 4. And the veteran no doubt provided some useful intel about Minnesota's offensive operation that could be put to good use along the way.