Panthers news: Miles Sanders, Cam Newton, D.J. Moore and pressers

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Miles Sanders
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Cam Newton scuffle culprits speak out

Heavy criticism came the way of those culprits involved in an altercation with former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Two people appeared to go after the iconic figure during a 7-on-7 tournament. They were both thrown around like ragdolls. It was an atrocious look for them.

Newton hasn't spoken about the issue yet. We'll hear from him on the next edition of his 4th-and-1 podcast more than likely. As for the perpetrators, Top Shelf Performance released a statement acknowledging their reaction was unacceptable via USA Today Sports.

"The entire incident is profoundly disheartening. We aspire to serve as exemplars both on and off the field, dedicated to cultivating a community that prioritizes the safety of our athletes and their families. Our objective is to nurture individuals of strong moral character. We acknowledge our responsibility for the consequences of our actions and for allowing the provocation to lead us to behave in a manner inconsistent with our usual character."

Top Shelf Performance via USA Today

While this was taking accountability to a certain extent, they couldn't resist throwing in the fact they were allegedly provoked. Nobody knows what went on unless you were there. But this was the latest example of complete disrespect directed towards Newton when he's trying to give back.

Newton came out of this incident with immense credit for the way he handled himself. As for Top Shelf? Any young player with ties to that program might look to distance themselves following such an embarrassing turn of events.