Panthers News: Miles Sanders, Jaycee Horn, Bryce Young and Marquis Haynes

Miles Sanders
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's height is no concern

Bryce Young's transition has gone according to or perhaps even better than expected. The Carolina Panthers were impressed with his poise, intelligence, and ability to conjure magic under center - although it's worth remembering that it's still early in the preparation period and the pads have yet to go on at training camp.

The main concern above all else where Young was concerned centers on his height and durability. But based on running back Miles Sanders' comments on The Rich Eisen Show via Yahoo Sports, the No. 1 overall selection more than makes up for this with other exceptional traits.

"I look at him and he’s very sharp, and on it with everything. He’s there early, he leaves late. His decision making is smart. He doesn’t force anything really. His pocket presence is what really stands out to me. So, again, the height doesn’t matter at all—I hope nobody’s worried about the height. But I like him, and we got a bright future ahead… His pocket presence is amazing to me. You think he’s gonna get sacked, you think he’s just lookin’, he’s lost in there. But no—he got his eyes downfield and his release is quick, too. He lets it go quick and it’s accurate."

Miles Sanders via Yahoo Sports

Everyone has been blown away by Young so far. The former Alabama standout is hard-working and has everyone onside immediately, so hopefully this is the start of an extremely profitable summer before he takes the field in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons.

Something that could take the Panthers from also-rans into legitimate contention along the way.