Panthers News: No. 1 pick, Will Levis, Scott Fitterer and Bryce Young's upside

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Bryce Young's upside with the Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young comes into the NFL with glowing promise as a quarterback that can completely change a team's fortunes. And that organization is going to be the Carolina Panthers unless something drastic occurs in the last 24 hours.

Young is a remarkably intelligent young man with the world at his feet. A player who leads by example, conjures up pure magic on the field, and has achieved success everywhere from high school to college en route to the Heisman Trophy and becoming the No. 1 pick. 

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, who has close connections to the team, basically announced Young as the pick. The insider also revealed there could be some high-upside involved as their Week 1 starter given the environment Carolina's built and the plan they already have in place. 

"Look, we don’t know much about this year’s NFL draft. The one thing I know pretty confidently—Bryce Young’s gonna be playing for the Carolina Panthers. Week 1 starter for the Carolina Panthers. When the Carolina Panthers traded up from 9 to 1 with the Chicago Bears, they had Bryce Young in mind. But they wanted to go to his pro day, they wanted to have dinner with him. They wanted to have him come into Charlotte, check him out, make sure he was the real deal. He has checked every box. "

Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports/Panthers Wire

When Young is confirmed as the Panthers' pick, jubilant scenes among the fanbase will follow. But the hard work starts now with such high expectations on the player's shoulders right out of the gate.

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