Panthers news: Radio silence, Derrick Brown, Bryce Young and Week 18

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Bryce Young
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Radio silence from Carolina Panthers and the NFL

The scathing criticism centered on Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper shows no signs of slowing down. The billionaire enraged almost everyone when a video surfaced of him allegedly throwing a drink over Jacksonville Jaguars fans on Sunday before storming out of his suite. Over 24 hours later and with headlines galore, it's been radio silence from everyone people need to hear from.

Perhaps the least surprising is there's been no apology from Tepper. Not from the man himself. Not in a statement via the Panthers. Nothing.

This silence speaks a thousand words. Tepper believes he can do whatever he wants without repercussions. A bully-boy mentality that continues to drag Carolina through the mud into complete embarrassment.

There's been nothing from the league either aside from them stating an awareness of the incident. They need to make investigations before coming to final decisions. Many believe this could result in a hefty fine and perhaps a suspension from game activities. But there's just no telling for sure.

Tepper's petulance, meddling, and mismanagement of the Panthers since buying the organization from Jerry Richardson is not being perceived well in league circles. This latest incident could have bigger implications when it comes to attracting preferred head coaching targets such as Ben Johnson, who's going to get significant interest from elsewhere.

Until something concrete emerges, all we can do is wait.