Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bradley Bozeman, Bryce Young and rankings

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Bradley Bozeman
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Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer's future

David Tepper bit the bullet and fired Frank Reich after just 11 games. While many thought this was a foregone conclusion, it does nothing to ease the complete dysfunction associated with the Carolina Panthers under his ownership.

Next up on the hit list is general manager Scott Fitterer. His roster building has been nothing short of inept over the last two years, which could lead to his dismissal if Tepper opts for a complete reset and a more traditional approach.

This question was asked to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated via a recent Instagram Live question and answer session among fans. The senior insider wasn't sure Fitterer would be around, adding that the new head coach might get his choice of front-office leaders as part of a more cohesive approach.

"Right now, I would say no just based on what I know about that situation. I think that David Tepper is going to prioritize getting the coach that he wants and I think the general manager is kind of secondary to that which means that in all likelihood if the new coach wants a certain general manager then he will get that general manager."

Albert Breer via Sports Illustrated

The head coach picking the general manager - or at least having a huge say - is the complete opposite of what normally works around the league. It's the other way around in most cases, so this approach would be another calculated gamble by Tepper in pursuit of getting the Panthers into contention.