Panthers News: Scott Fitterer, Bryce Young, Week 13 and activations

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Scott Fitterer
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Carolina Panthers GM Scott Fitterer's future

With Frank Reich fired after winning just one of 11 games this season, the microscope shifted toward general manager Scott Fitterer's future. The Carolina Panthers haven't gone the conventional route with a complete reset under team owner David Tepper previously, so it could genuinely go either way given how hard the billionaire is to predict from one decision to the next.

Adam Schefter of ESPN stated some around the league believe the Panthers would like to retain Fitterer given his close relationship with Tepper. However, the front office figure has not been provided any guarantees as yet.

"It also remains uncertain who will help guide [David] Tepper. The Panthers haven't given general manager Scott Fitterer any assurances that he will be retained, league sources said, though Carolina has intimated to some around the NFL that it would like to keep Fitterer. Even so, league sources believe Fitterer's future remains up in the air."

Adam Schefter, ESPN

If Fitterer sticks around, it proves Tepper has learned absolutely nothing from his failed moves previously.

The traditional method of success is appointing the general manager and allowing him to select the next head coach. But the owner's meddling in football affairs seems to be accepted by Fitterer - something that could work in his favor when push comes to shove.

Mercifully, fans don't have to wait much longer for something concrete to emerge with just six games left.