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Scott Fitterer on Carolina Panthers roster growth

It's been a difficult few days for general manager Scott Fitterer during roster cuts and the subsequent releases that came following the team's decision to pick up three names off the waiver wire. Some outcomes were better received than others, but the front office figure continues to do what he feels is the best thing to get this franchise back among the contenders.

When discussing the process and how things stand currently, Fitterer seemed relatively happy with the roster growth based on his comments via Augusta Stone from the team's website. He also hinted that there could be even more comings and goings over the next few days before game Week 1 commences.

"We had mostly positive, a couple equals; there was one negative. But overall, I just thought like, 'You know what? We're making progress.' It's where we want to be. Every year, I say our goal is to win the NFC South. And I think, even with all the new faces, the new staff, and all the changes that are taking place, that's our goal. And I think if we play (to) our ability, that's definitely within reach. The roster is still going to be fluid here over the weekend. And hopefully it's pretty well set by Monday, going into a game week. But we'll take the next 72 hours or so to finish things."

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There are some obvious needs that the Panthers could address. The trenches on both sides of the football lack sufficient depth, with the cornerback options also thin on the ground after cutting Keith Taylor Jr., Stantley Thomas-Oliver III, and Eric Rowe.

It might be a holiday weekend for many. But that won't be the case for Fitterer and his staff.