Panthers News: Tarik Cohen, Jaycee Horn, Brady Christensen and Bryce Young

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Brady Christensen
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young turning the page

It wasn't the easiest game for Bryce Young on his NFL debut. The quarterback just couldn't generate any significant momentum within a scheme that wasn't exactly expansive, although it's worth noting that it was just one game and things should improve with more familiarity moving forward.

One of the best things about Young is his elite mentality. He's able to brush setbacks off with minimal fuss and refuses to let it prevent him from progressing, which will be needed in no uncertain terms heading into a nationally televised game against the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.

When discussing the upcoming Week 2 test, Young's taken on board what the film displayed from his competitive debut and has already turned the page to the Carolina Panthers' next upcoming challenge based on his comments via the team's website.

"We've turned the page. It's been just about how we can be constructive from it. There's good stuff on film that we have to continue to do. And then there's stuff that we have to learn from – I have to learn from – and we're in the process of getting it cleaned up. We're playing New Orleans, so obviously, we need all of our attention to be able to do what we want to do. It takes us being locked in and engaged on that. You've got to push what happened on Sunday aside, and it's been all about growing and getting ready for Monday."

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Being in familiar surroundings with the NFL world watching might be the springboard Young and the Panthers need to get their campaign going. However, the Saints will also fancy their chances of ruffling a few feathers given the injury worries on Carolina's offensive line interior.