Panthers News: Tee Higgins, Nick Thurman, 2020 redraft and injuries

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Tee Higgins
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Carolina Panthers take QB in 2020 redraft

Finding the right formula at quarterback and developing them accordingly was the major flaw in Matt Rhule's time with the Carolina Panthers. Releasing Cam Newton in favor of Teddy Bridgewater was just the start. Failed trades for Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold were other suspect personnel moves that held the franchise back.

Bryce Young is providing hope for better days despite things not going smoothly throughout his rookie campaign. Would Rhule do things differently if he had the chance to do it all again? Dan Pizzuti from The 33rd Team believes so, with the Panthers taking quarterback Jordan Love over defensive lineman Derrick Brown in his recent 2020 redraft.

"Drafting Jordan Love could have given the Carolina Panthers some direction in the first year under Matt Rhule. With offensive coordinator Joe Brady and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, the Panthers were a top-10 offense by DVOA late into the season. But the panic to get a “franchise” quarterback caused the Panthers to cut Bridgewater and trade for Sam Darnold. With Love waiting behind Bridgewater, there would be less panic and the Panthers would have more draft picks to help build out the foundation of the roster. Carolina would also not have to trade up in this past draft for Bryce Young. Love could have eventually stepped in with D.J. Moore, Robbie Anderson, Christian McCaffrey and a decent offensive line."

Dan Pizzuti, The 33rd Team

This would have had some benefits as part of a stable plan for long-term success. But make no mistake, Brown was an exceptional pick and remains one of the few core foundation pieces Carolina can build around in the coming years.