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Taylor Moton
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Carolina Panthers OT Taylor Moton's standards

There was a lot of self-reflection within the Carolina Panthers locker room following their shutout loss against the New York Jets. As for offensive line coach James Campen, he wasted no time in dragging his players through the mill once they returned for an impromptu meeting where some harsh truths were laid out.

Carolina's protection was not up to the required standard. Bradley Bozeman and Brady Christensen were the only two that emerged with any credit, which is unacceptable considering they now have a legitimate franchise quarterback to keep out of harm's way.

When discussing the line's poor performance after Monday's practice, right tackle Taylor Moton stated via USA Today Sports that the high standards are there for himself for his teammates. And when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Carolina's offense will go as far as the offensive line takes them.

"I’m my own biggest critic. I have been for seven years. Maybe that’s why I’m so bald at so young. I stress myself out to the max about making sure I’m the best I possibly can be. I have so much love for everyone in the room, but I just want what’s best for them, so it’s like, what can I do to help those guys get better? What can I do to myself be the best version of myself, right? ‘Cause I really wanna have my best year yet, personally. ‘Cause I know if I could have my best year, I can only help the offense that much more, right?"

Taylor Moton via USA Today Sports

Moton knows last weekend wasn't good enough. But he is one of the most consistent performers around and has earned enough clout to suggest this was a blip rather than anything more concerning long-term.

As for the others? Time will tell.