Panthers News: Terrace Marshall, Bryce Young, Taylor Moton and Frank Reich

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Carolina Panthers winning big with Bryce Young

Bryce Young didn't have the best protection in front of him against an extremely deep New York Jets defensive front on Saturday, but the signal-caller showed glimpses of why the Carolina Panthers chose him at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. The poise, pre-snap recognition, and processing were all evident during his time on the field, which is a solid platform from which to build as Week 1 draws ever closer.

Young got hit way too much, but he stood his ground and popped back up quickly after every smack once the pressure got through. He's also developed a tremendous ability to transition from one play to the next without giving what previously transpired a second thought.

Vinnie Iyer from Sporting News saw some traits within Young that made some outstanding NFC South quarterbacks of the past shine during the division's glory years. Something that indicates the Panthers can win big with the former Alabama stud leading the charge.

"What had to be impressive was how quickly Young got his 5-10, 204-pound frame off the ground after being rocked and how quickly he got the ball out. He had the undersized yet poised pocket presence of [Drew] Brees and the short-to-intermediate sensibility of a youthful [Tom] Brady. Young did this while not putting the big deep arm that a rookie [Matt] Ryan displayed right away starting for the Falcons or the athletic improvisation a rookie [Cam] Newton had a dozen years ago on the same field. Young read the field well and made good decisions, bringing out the cerebral leadership that stamped his time with Alabama. The Panthers can win enough games to top a rebooted QB division under new coach Frank Reich with just a little more from Young."

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News

This was just a small sample size and overreactions aplenty always arrive after the opening preseason game. It wasn't entirely perfect, but Young was pretty much as advertised upon further examination with improvements guaranteed once he becomes more comfortable in an NFL environment.