Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Bryce Young, Jerry Jeudy and power rankings

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers OC Thomas Brown's philosophy

As previously mentioned, there is hope where once there was nothing but dejection among the Carolina Panthers fanbase. The reason? Frank Reich handing over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown.

This was an expected transition done at the right time. Many calls were made for this change to be done sooner, but having the bye week to make adjustments and get everyone on the same page gives Brown the best possible chance to hit the ground running with winnable games on the horizon.

When discussing the plan moving forward, Brown stated via USA Today Sports that he'll remain on the sidelines rather than head to the booth to call plays. He's also not planning anything too radical in terms of alterations given the timeframe involved.

"I’ve had a chance to be in the box before. I think there’s different perspectives of both of those. But I love the in-between drive interaction with the players, Kinda just fits me better. Radical would not be smart for what we are right now offensively. I think being able to understand how to keep the continuity together, and I think what you have time-on-task does a really good job of helping you build kinda going forward. I think over time, we’ll have subtle changes here and there. But, again, I’ve been a part of this offense from the get-go. So he’s [Frank Reich] kinda giving me full reign to do what I want to, but it’s always gonna be a collaborative effort."

Thomas Brown via USA Today Sports

Brown is coming from the Sean McVay coaching tree, so expectations are high. That might not help the Panthers initially with many of the skill position stars struggling to make an impact, but the offense should look a lot more innovative than we saw at any stage when Reich was holding the play sheet.