Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Bryce Young, Jerry Jeudy and power rankings

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Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers' expectations for Bryce Young

While Bryce Young had some detractors during his pre-draft evaluations, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown wasn't one of them. The Carolina Panthers reached a consensus regarding the quarterback after trading up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, and his new play-caller was one of those banging the table hard to get the former Alabama star into the building.

Young's done nothing to suggest he was the wrong pick through five starts. He's developed encouragingly with every passing game, looks more comfortable in the pocket, and is displaying the elite-level processing that separated him from the rest in Carolina's eyes.

When talking about Young, the new play-caller stated via Carolina's website that they met privately to outline expectations moving forward. Brown also highlighted the need to put his quarterback in the best possible positions to thrive.

"I told Bryce just yesterday, when we had a sit down meeting with us one on one, just talked about moving forward, my expectations and what he can kind of expect from me in this kind of new role as a play caller. But I mentioned him as being the number one guy on the board then, just thinking about from the standpoint of what I saw from him on tape. And just continued to grow from there. Once you had an opportunity to get on the road and meet with him and interview him, obviously watching him from a pro day standpoint. But my role from a standpoint of being a coordinator is to elevate all our players, to put them in the best spot to be successful. Obviously (that) includes Bryce as well."

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If Brown can figure out how to maximize Young's skill set and scheme guys open despite the overall lack of quality, it's all systems go. Nobody is expecting miracles right away, so any progression would be a plus given how little there is to cheer currently.