Panthers News: Thomas Brown, Frank Reich, D.J. Chark and Bryce Young

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D,J, Chark
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's savvy qualities

Bryce Young's debut was a small sample size as expected, but the elite traits that made him the No. 1 overall selection were evident. The quarterback was poised and unflustered in equal measure, although the Carolina Panthers won't have been pleased with the amount of duress their prized possession was under throughout his time under center.

When discussing the former Alabama star's performance and how he's fared throughout the summer, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown couldn't have been more complimentary via USA Today Sports. And it's clear the old head on young shoulders routine continues to go down extremely well among the coaching staff.

"I would say it’s pretty hard to say just based on the level of esteem we had, just kinda watchin’ him kinda comin’ out from an evaluation standpoint. But I would say every day, I mean, there’s two to three highlight plays—whether it be pocket movement, throwin’ off balance, whether it be disguisin’ what our defense is doin’ from a pass protection standpoint. He gets into the right looks to everything to how he handles just overall, like I said before, just the pressure like down-and-down—which is rare for a guy his age. He’s still a young dude, for sure. But he acts like he’s probably 45 years old at times, maybe older than me. But the way he operates, it’s fun to be around."

Thomas Brown via USA Today Sports

This is proof that the Panthers found the right guy. Things weren't perfect elsewhere, but those in power can relax safe in the knowledge Young is at least displaying all the qualities needed to make a real go of things.