Panthers News: Thomas Davis, Jeremy Chinn, Bryce Young and LB group

Jeremy Chinn
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's progress

Bryce Young's transition to the Carolina Panthers couldn't be going much better. It's still early in the preparation stage and things will get more difficult when the time for training camp arrives, but the glowing praise he's received from coaches and players tell their own story.

Young is doing things his way and winning over teammates with a quiet confidence that is matched by ruthless conviction between the white lines. Something that was the hallmark behind his success at Alabama and can hopefully take the Panthers back into contention soon.

When discussing how Young's early influence is being perceived, David Newton of ESPN stated that the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft was as advertised and has everyone pulling in the same direction already.

"[Bryce] Young has been as advertised, living up to all the expectations the Panthers had when they selected him No. 1. From his ability to process information, to making all the throws, to earning the respect of his teammates, he's on a clear path to be the Week 1 starter. He already has been elevated to QB1 over Andy Dalton, a clear sign the staff and teammates have confidence in him. "Everybody is here for him,'' wide receiver DJ Chark said. "And we believe he can take us to some really high places.''"

David Newton, ESPN

The expectations and pressure on Young's shoulders are immense. But you wouldn't think it judging by the signal-caller's flawless demeanor that rarely alters.