Panthers News: Vonn Bell, Marquis Haynes, Bryce Young and Andy Dalton

Which Carolina Panthers news stories are htting the headlines as the organization takes stock of an encouraging offseason so far?

Andy Dalton
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Andy Dalton's pivotal Carolina Panthers role

Andy Dalton going from a guaranteed starter to a backup mentor represents the natural transition at this stage of his career. The veteran knew exactly what the Carolina Panthers has in mind this offseason in terms of acquiring a rookie quarterback, which enabled him to adjust to the new mission at hand after starting 14 games for the New Orleans Saints in 2022.

It didn't take long for Bryce Young to unseat Dalton atop the quarterback depth chart. Again, this is nothing unexpected and something that was always part of the process heading into a pivotal training camp for the franchise.

When discussing how he's coping with the adjustment in responsibilities, Dalton stated via Sports Illustrated that the end goal has always been to get Young ready for action in any way possible and be there to support him every step of the way. If injury strikes or poor performances follow, then the former second-round pick will be ready and able.

"I knew coming in that we were going to have the first pick and we were going to take a quarterback. For me, that doesn't change my mindset of how I'm going about every single day. I know the reality that this thing is going to be Bryce's at some point. And right now, for me, it's to go be me out there and play like I can play and practice how I expect to practice. And I think with part of that, it's helping Bryce learn the NFL game and the mechanics of getting in and out of the huddle and all the little things you need to learn going into it."

Andy Dalton via Sports llustrated

Young is extremely fortunate to have this support system in place and is taking full advantage of it. Dalton wants to play, obviously, but he also knows how things work well enough to realize that the end of the road is fast approaching.