Panthers News: Vonn Bell, Marquis Haynes, Bryce Young and Andy Dalton

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Carolina Panthers approach with Bryce Young praised

Bryce Young is coming on very nicely indeed despite some extreme pressure on his shoulders. The quarterback's poise, demeanor, and willingness to put in endless amounts of work have been nothing short of a revelation so far - something that left Frank Reich and general manager Scott Fitterer confident about moving him up to No. 1 on the depth chart before mandatory minicamp.

While many questioned whether this was the right thing to do so soon, Young is more than ready. There is a calm, methodical approach to football matters that others naturally gravitate towards - traits that can hopefully propel the Panthers back into contention at the earliest possible opportunity.

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports praised the Panthers for their approach with Young, stating this extra time as Carolina's man under center could provide the former Alabama stud with the extra reps needed to hit the ground running.

"Kudos to the Carolina Panthers for not fooling around with rookie quarterback Bryce Young. Yes, everyone has to earn their spot. But this league is too hard and the learning curve is too steep to play games with the signal-caller you traded up to No. 1 for hoping to resurrect your franchise. Get him the No. 1 reps early and often. "Throw him in the fire!" is how one source put it to me recently. Frank Reich's Panthers are going the opposite route of Urban Meyer and his decision to split reps between Trevor Lawrence and Gardner Minshew."

Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

Expecting miracles right away is unrealistic, even if many fans are way past that already. Such expectations are nothing new for Young, but handling them at the NFL level is a completely different ballgame.