Carolina Panthers offense poised for explosive take off under Dave Canales

Dave Canales could revolutionize the Carolina Panthers' offense.
Dave Canales
Dave Canales / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Canales has big plans for the Carolina Panthers. Hiring him to the head coaching job outlined a shift in approach from team owner David Tepper. For once, the franchise was looking to get ahead of the game rather than rely on experienced retreads or a coach from the college ranks with unproven credentials.

This promotion might have come too soon for Canales. But the new man in charge is looking to revolutionize the way things are done across the football operation. There's also an aligned vision with general manager Dan Morgan that was sorely lacking under the previous two coaching regimes.

One of Canales' biggest complications centers on the offense. The Panthers need to make progress in this area of the field. They've invested heavily around quarterback Bryce Young to ensure this goal is met. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator is stripping things back and working on getting the small things right. After that, he thinks it won't take long for strides to arrive.

Carolina Panthers offense can be more explosive under new head coach Dave Canales

The personnel is there to impress accordingly. The schematic concepts look more suited to the strengths of those set to hold important starting roles. It won't be smooth sailing all the time, but being fundamentally sound should allow Canales' unit to be more competitive.

This notion was discussed in greater detail by Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz from USA Today Sports. The analyst named Carolina as one of five teams that could be more explosive on offense next season. However, he acknowledged it might take time considering the wholesale changes made throughout another busy offseason.

"While the [Carolina] Panthers can't depend on an abundance of big plays from the outset of Dave Canales' first season as head coach, changes in scheme and personnel could provide a spark. At first blush, an attack likely to be centered on rookie running back Jonathon Brooks and the ground game might not seem like a group with much big-play potential. And while [Dave] Canales has emphasized [Bryce] Young needing to get the ball out quickly, expect plenty of play-action shots to help the Panthers pick up yards in chunks. While cohesion could be hard to come by in the early going given all the changes, Carolina should still at least be able to keep defenses honest with the threat of long gains."

Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA Today

The bar isn't exactly high for progress. Something that Canales can use to his advantage.

Carolina's offense was nothing short of woeful last season. They struggled to gain any momentum and the coaching staff failed to get on the same page. It was an unmitigated disaster following so much hope before a competitive down was played. Fans are approaching their positivity with far more caution this time around.

Canales is doing things differently. His teachings are simple yet effective. Everyone - from established stars to those further down the depth chart - is firmly aware of their responsibilities. Anyone not pulling their weight will be demoted or cast aside entirely. That's the only way Carolina is going to get out of its hole and back to respectability.

Young is the man under fire, but no quarterback can do it alone. If the offensive line improvements bear fruit, the rushing attack becomes impactful, and the pass-catchers create separation consistently, the signal-caller should flourish.

That is going to benefit everybody, Canales included. Whether it comes to fruition or not is another matter.