Carolina Panthers reportedly snubbed Bill Belichick for one familiar reason

This doesn't come as a surprise...
Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick / Bob Breidenbach / USA TODAY NETWORK

Since becoming Carolina Panthers owner, David Tepper has yet to do a lot right on the football side of things. He disposes of head coaches at will. His constant meddling held the team back considerably. Last season came with further disgrace after a drink-throwing incident at the Jacksonville Jaguars landed the billionaire with a fine from the league.

This was the wake-up call Tepper needed. He promised to stay in the background as Dan Morgan, Brandt Tilis, and Dave Canales re-lay the foundations for success. He's been true to his word so far, but how much longer this continues is another matter.

Tepper's desire to interfere also reportedly played a leading role in the Panthers opting not to pursue Bill Belichick during this hiring cycle. Not necessarily a bad thing, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Carolina Panthers avoided Bill Belichick-David Tepper personality clash

An in-depth feature from Jeremy Fowler, Seth Wickersham, and Don Van Natta Jr. from ESPN highlighted the hedge fund manager's desire to critique coaching performance through data analysis as a primary reason why the perennial Super Bowl winner wasn't considered. This was despite investigations before hiring Frank Reich and no compensation being attached following his departure from the New England Patriots.

"The Carolina Panthers briefly discussed Belichick, before he signed his two-year extension with New England a year ago. But this offseason, Carolina decided to pass, a source said. Panthers owner David Tepper often sifts through data to critique his coach's playcalling. That, according to a source, "is tough to do with Belichick as the figurehead." The Panthers opted for 42-year-old former Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Dave Canales."

Everything happens for a reason. Canales was the man chosen instead - a purposeful, driven, and younger coach more relatable to the modern-day player. Whether this move pans out or not is debatable, but this project wasn't fit for a 72-year-old coach who is within touching distance of breaking the all-time wins record held by Don Shula.

Besides, could you imagine Tepper sitting down with Belichick after a loss to criticize his coaching decisions through analytics and data? To say this would have been a combustible situation is an understatement. It's almost laughable.

It didn't come as a surprise to see the Panthers go younger after the experienced Reich lasted just 11 games at the helm. Canales and Morgan are forming a collaborative long-term plan for sustained growth. Carolina might not make the playoffs right away, but tearing the football operation down and building it up brick by brick was the only realistic option.

Hiring Belichick would have brought win-now expectations this roster cannot meet. There is no doubting his credentials, but how things ended in New England once quarterback Tom Brady departed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers raised enough red flags for the entire league to look elsewhere.

Once a notable team starts struggling during the season, it won't take long for Belichick's name to be connected. That shouldn't be in Tepper's train of thought. Another quick-fire removal of a head coach would do irreparable damage to his reputation and cause even the most die-hard fans to turn away.

Stay the course with Canales and see how things play out. Anything less would be more organizational malpractice from one of the most erratic NFL owners in recent memory.