Carolina Panthers' simplistic approach helping Bryce Young fix fatal flaws

Bryce Young is benefitting greatly from improved coaching this offseason.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

While some in the national media wrote Bryce Young off entirely following his disastrous rookie campaign, that's not a sentiment echoed by those within the Carolina Panthers. It's a new staff that has no real emotional attachment to the player. But they were hired with the mission to turn things around for the team's prized possession.

Dave Canales' reputation for helping struggling quarterbacks find their feet once again is renowned. He was integral to the rejuvenation of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield in two consecutive stops before taking the top job in Carolina. Team owner David Tepper and general manager Dan Morgan are banking on the head coach doing the same with Young.

Canales is enthusiastic and takes his teachings one day at a time. Getting better today rather than worrying too much about the future is his preferred course of action. It's early days, but Young and his teammates are responding well so far.

Carolina Panthers taking the simple approach to help Bryce Young

The Panthers are taking a simplistic approach to Young's development. Pass game coordinator Nate Carroll stated via the team's website that the focus centers on getting the football out quickly and improving footwork inside the pocket. After that, everything else should fall into place.

"(Bryce has) got a lot of nuances that he'll do depending on the type of route that he's reading so that he can time up exactly as the receiver's breaking, he's breaking off his back foot as well. So, we're breaking at the same time or even with anticipation before the receiver breaks. There are little tiny trigger steps he'll use or adjustment steps he'll use, or resets he'll use to try to quicken up his drop or to keep a better balance so he can make those throws the way he needs to. We're trying to get the ball out faster. We're trying to get guys out of the backfield, trying to get guys in the flat, trying to create space for him to throw. It all starts with the consistency of his footwork and his preparation before the snap so that he can assess the defense quickly and get the ball out appropriately."

Nate Carroll via

Young is a cerebral quarterback capable of benefitting greatly from the right coaching. This is a luxury he didn't have last season as Frank Reich's supposed all-star staff couldn't get on the same page regarding his early growth. They paid the price with their jobs.

Canales added that they are working on Young distributing the football or taking off on the move within 2.7 seconds. That takes some quick processing, but it's nothing the signal-caller isn't capable of providing the offensive line meets their end of the bargain.

That's the big stumbling block. The Panthers solidified their interior by acquiring Damien Lewis and Robert Hunt in free agency. Austin Corbett's switch to the center position is a potential concern. The same goes for left tackle Ikem Ekwonu after his lackluster second season in a professional environment.

Young won't be worrying about that just yet.

The former Alabama star's sole focus is ridding his game of the fatal flaws that played a leading role in his rookie demise. Canales and Carroll are rubbing off positively on the Heisman Trophy winner so far. They fully believe in Young's capabilities to take the Panthers back to respectability and beyond. This early building of trust will serve them well when things inevitably get more challenging in the weeks ahead.

The talent is there. After all, Young was taken No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft for a reason.

Now, the onus is on Canales and his staff to nurture this effectively and ensure Young starts silencing his doubters in 2024.