Should Carolina Panthers take Bryce Young out of the Week 11 firing line?

For his own safety if nothing else...

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Carolina Panthers consider benching quarterback Bryce Young to avoid further turmoil in Week 11 against the Dallas Cowboys?

After another woeful offensive display at the Chicago Bears, one has to wonder just how much harm this is doing to Bryce Young. The normally unflappable signal-caller began to show visible signs of frustration during and after their eighth loss of the campaign, which is understandable considering how he's being failed by teammates and coaches alike.

Young isn't without blame. He should be doing better, but with a porous offensive line incapable of providing the necessary protection and skill position players failing miserably, it would be difficult for even the most elite quarterbacks to put up numbers.

The No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft looks devoid of ideas and inspiration. Carolina is going nowhere fast this season, although Frank Reich's future is directly related to how well Young develops throughout his first year in Charlotte according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Working within such a bland offensive scheme and with players who haven't met modest targets isn't doing Young any favors right now. We've seen on countless occasions throughout NFL history how this could impact his aspirations beyond the current campaign from a confidence standpoint.

Carolina Panthers must keep bigger picture in mind with Bryce Young

That would be an absolute disaster when one considers the substantial investment made in Young by the Panthers. One that could even include the No. 1 pick in 2024 unless they close out the season strongly.

Things are unlikely to get better next time out for Young. The Dallas Cowboys defense is a ferocious force with a reputation for preying on the weak with ruthless conviction - so another long afternoon awaits unless a miracle cure can be found in the coming days.

Some fans are speculating whether or not it would be more beneficial to sit Young in pursuit of avoiding irreparable damage. While there could be some merit in that, Mike Kaye of The Charlotte Observer believes the Panthers are too far down the road to be contemplating such a move at this juncture.

"I think the Panthers are beyond that. They had the ideal bridge QB to avoid forcing him onto the field, and didn’t take the opportunity. Still think Young is much more talented than he’s set up to be in this offense."

Mike Kaye via X/Twitter

The Panthers are going to ride this out with Young for good or bad. But make no mistake, Dallas will be looking to feast next Sunday with such a prolific pass rush led by Micah Parsons - a man some thought the Panthers should have taken at No. 8 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft in favor of Jaycee Horn.

Young's development is all that matters now. He is also a pretty resolute character, even if all this losing is a foreign concept for a perennial winner in high school and college.

However, everyone has their breaking point.

Some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time endured hardship as rookies. Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman are the first that spring to mind, so Young just has to persevere and keep the bigger picture in mind.

Even if the next few months might be littered with failure.

Those in power thought they could drop in a quarterback and take off. What they didn't account for was a lack of ability to surround their new signal-caller with the correct personnel.

Until that happens, not much will change. But benching Young to preserve his self-confidence just doesn't feel like this regime would do - no matter how beneficial it might be.