Panthers OC Thomas Brown delivers firm message to Bryce Young's doubters

Bryce Young
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Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown delivered a firm message to those doubting the Carolina Panthers' decision to draft quarterback Bryce Young.

The 2023 NFL Draft is almost a distant memory and people are still critiquing the Carolina Panthers and their decision to select quarterback Bryce Young at No. 1 overall. And frustratingly, this has absolutely nothing to do with what matters most - production on the field.

Almost every doubt surrounding Young stems from his height, weight, and whether his frame will be able to hold up against formidable NFL-caliber defenses over a grueling 17-game campaign. While this was probably justified during the pre-draft process, why it continues to take up questions given the decision has long been made is anyone's guess.

Thomas Brown evaluated the tape and person with Bryce Young

When offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was asked about whether Young's size came into the equation during his own assessments leading up to the big night, his answer via Augusta Stone of couldn't have been any more emphatic.

"I've never cared about it because I evaluate tape, evaluate the person."

Thomas Brown via Augusta Stone/Twitter

Brown also revealed via Joe Person of The Athletic that he was the one that asked the question of Young's weekly routine during their pre-pro day dinner. Of course, this famously provoked a lengthy response from the signal-caller, who spent 17 minutes replying but had only gotten to Wednesday.

This was one of the main things that gravitated the Panthers towards Young before their big choice atop the draft. Brown and head coach Frank Reich stripped the offensive scheme down to its roots, which enabled them to form a system that caters to the Heisman Trophy winner's strengths and insulates him to a degree where the aforementioned potential complications don't become an issue.

Young's size came in for more jokes and ridicule on social media once videos started surfacing from Carolina's rookie minicamp. It's water off a duck's back to the player, one suspects, but it's getting increasingly tiresome from a fan standpoint.

There's one way Young and the Panthers can shut everyone up. By hitting the ground running and taking Carolina from also-rans into legitimate playoff contention right out of the gate in 2023.

Brown will have a big part to play, too. Reich's been quick to praise the progressive coach for his exceptional input, which is likely to see him assume play-calling duties at some stage during the campaign.

Everyone has an opinion on Young. But what cannot be disputed is his ability to perform when the lights are brightest, lead by example, and demonstrate a level of football intelligence that very few possess.

Besides, Cam Newton was 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, which didn't stop him from dealing with some troubling injuries that eventually resulted in his release by the Panthers. So absolutely nothing is guaranteed from a health perspective given the NFL's violent nature.

Let's just focus on the football from now on, shall we?

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