NFL writer turns up the heat on Bryce Young with outlandish claim

The stakes have been raised...
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Young didn't enjoy the best of fortunes in 2023. That's no secret to anybody.

Big things were expected from the quarterback right out of the gate after the Carolina Panthers made a daring move to No. 1 overall in pursuit of solving their ongoing complication at football's most pivotal position. He didn't meet expectations, but there were significant mitigating factors involved that meant Young was always fighting a losing battle.

Things look much more promising this time around. The new regime led by head coach Dave Canales and general manager Dan Morgan has done everything in their power to provide the former Alabama star with a sounder footing. Carolina's offensive line should be more consistent on the interior thanks to the arrival of Damien Lewis and Robert Hunt. Those in power also upgraded the skill positions, which lacked any legitimate productivity last season aside from veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen.

The Panthers acquired Diontae Johnson via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who is widely regarded as one of the league's most effective route runners. They traded up to secure physical wideout Xavier Legette at No. 32 overall, picked up running back Jonathon Brooks at No. 46, and got a potential steal by drafting pass-catching tight end Ja'Tavion Sanders at pick No. 101.

Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young under increasing pressure to perform

Couple this with having a renowned quarterback developer at the helm in Canales - a man who'll be molding the scheme around Young's strengths for the first time - and it's not hard to see why things are looking up for the Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama. With that comes additional pressure to produce the goods and show the NFL why he was the first player taken during the 2023 NFL Draft.

David Latham, managing editor from Last Word on Sports, turned up the heat on Young by claiming he was one of five quarterbacks fighting for their jobs in 2024. This seems a little outlandish all things considered, but it does nothing to diminish the ever-growing spotlight on the signal-caller heading into his sophomore campaign in the pros.

"You don’t often see teams give up on the first-overall pick after just one season. However, Bryce Young had a disastrous rookie season, and if he can’t improve in Year 2, then he’s probably a lost cause. The 2023 Carolina Panthers had no playmakers, and no young quarterback could’ve survived in that wretched environment. That being said, Young was historically inefficient, and it’s hard to put all of the blame on the coaching and supporting cast. Carolina added a quarterback-friendly coach in Dave Canales, fortified the offensive line, and brought in Diontae Johnson and Xavier Legette to improve the passing game. If Young still can’t improve, then he could go the way of Josh Rosen and be one of the many NFL quarterbacks relegated to backup work."

It would have to be a pretty catastrophic slump for the Panthers to consider moving off Young entirely. They made a hefty investment in the player and have tailored their off-season strategy to give him a fighting chance of making things work. The flashes last season suggest he can take full advantage, even if this investment transition could see the Panthers' defensive unit take a step back.

Young didn't play well last season, he'll be the first to admit that. What some analysts forgot to mention were the toxic circumstances associated with his rookie turmoil. C.J. Stroud's historic campaign didn't help, but that's an outlier rather than the norm when it comes to first-year quarterbacks.

The pressure is on, make no mistake. But to say Young is fighting for his job seems speculative and unfair.

It's more bulletin board material for Young's collection. After an offseason full of scathing criticism, it's time to shut up his doubters once and for all.